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What Is The Innovation Habit?

How It Started

The Innovation Habit is a hybrid of BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Model® (starting with his Tiny Habits® process) combined with select innovation tools and methods, such as Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Lean, Agile, Cognitive Buoyancy®, Explorative Inquiry™, The Innovation Cube™, and many more.

BJ Fogg, PhD is a professor at Stanford University and the Founder and Director of Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab. He has written extensively on Behavior Design, Habit Formation, and Organizational Psychology.  And he is one of the world's foremost authorities on the psychology of behavior design and habit formation.

Charlie Garland, founder of The Innovation Habit, met BJ while attending his Behavior Design Bootacmp. That's where the collaboration began.

How It Works

This unique combination of Fogg's methods and innovation tools results in a process for making innovative thinking - and, subsequently, innovative behavior - a habit.  This habit is one that can be created as a daily routine and/or as a response to familiar events, conditions, words, or other triggers within your daily routine. 

For example, one crucial mistake individuals make in the innovation process is neglecting to consider a wide range of alternatives (resources, people, methods, business models, etc.); instead, they naively rely on what is obvious to them ("conventional wisdom").  A new habit might be to ask a series of questions (to yourself or to a colleague) that help you explore for non-obvious approaches: "How else might we ..." In cases like this, we make challenging conventional wisdom a habit, triggered by a specific question or situation.  And with just a bit of practice, this can become an automatic response.

Our Guarantee

All of our coaching is done with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, at any time during a given pre-paid period (e.g. one week or month of coaching), you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, simply let us know and we will completely refund your payment for that period of time.  

 We work with you to achieve the important outcomes you want in your life (e.g. specific goals or aspirations). We help you identify the optimal behaviors that are necessary to reach those goals. And we then design your habit-formation process with you. This focuses on both the cognitive and physical (and/or verbal) behaviors that are crucial for lasting, successful change. 

Our Coaching Services

The Process

Coaching is done online, via Zoom® interactive video sessions, or by phone. Clients (you) begin with a 1-hour on-boarding session, where our Certified Coach begins to understand you, your goals, your environment, and your priorities. From that starting point, a set of background materials (articles, white papers, videos, and assessments) is customized precisely for you and sent as pre-work to be done prior to the live sessions. Coaching interaction takes place by email or text (daily), video session (twice per week), and phone call (as needed). In certain cases, we can arrange to conduct some of our coaching sessions in-person.

The Theme

You can focus your innovation habits on any facet of your life. Most clients choose a theme specific to their career (as an executive/ employee, an entrepreneur/ owner, in job transition, etc.), for example: improving sales, developing new products, or raising investment capital. But you may also apply your innovation habits to personal, family, community, health, home projects, and more. Want to exercise more frequently, meditate each day, or clean up parts of the house? The breadth of application is limited only by your imagination! Regardless of your focus, we will guide, motivate, and support you every step of the way.


The Relationship

The relationship you will have with your coach is the foundational aspect of our coaching success. We listen to you very carefully in getting to know you. We treat your personal information with the highest degree of confidentiality. We respect your individual thoughts, feelings, preferences, and values. Our coaches are committed to your success. The only way we can survive and grow our business is to generate many happy, satisfied, and successful clients.

About Us

Charlie Garland leads The Innovation Habit coaching team. He is a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach.

Our Founder

Charlie Garland is the designer of The Innovation Habit® system. He is also a board member of the Creative Education Foundation. In addition, Charlie is the President of The Innovation Outlet, an independent team of innovation and business strategy consultants who train, coach, advise, and lead clients in the use of strategic innovation tools. He is also a Senior Fellow of HITLAB @ Columbia University Medical Center, researching the dynamics of human cognition and performance. 

Mr. Garland has developed an entire portfolio of innovation tools, methods, and logical models (Cognitive Buoyancy®, The Innovation Cube™, and many more), working with business leaders to improve strategies, with doctors to reduce diagnostic errors, and with NASA to increase astronauts’ cognitive function in preparation for the future Mission to Mars. He is certified in the FourSight® creativity assessment, methodology, and tool set. Charlie is also a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach as well as a graduate of BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Bootcamp

Charlie earned his MBA from The Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College and his BS in Engineering, with honors, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He lives and works in New York City, USA.

Our Expertise

We have deep expertise and experience in various business and technical domains, including:

  • Innovation
  • Executive Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product Development
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Design Thinking
  • Cognitive Science
  • Quality Management

Beyond these basic functional areas, our team maintains significant experience in the following industries and domains:

  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Management Consulting
  • Energy/Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profits
  • and more.

BJ Fogg, PhD and Linda Fogg-Phillips

Our Collaborators

BJ Fogg, PhD is a professor at Stanford University as well as the Founder/Director of Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab. He has written many books on the subject of Behavior Design and Habit Formation.  BJ is the expert who originally trained Charlie Garland in the Fogg Behavior Design model. BJ also assisted in training him for the Tiny Habits coaching method.

Linda Fogg-Phillips, MS is the Director of Tiny Habits Academy, the educational institute that trains and certifies coaches to utilize BJ's tools and methods.  Linda was the lead trainer and certification administrator in leading Charlie through Tiny Habits Academy.  She is a deeply experienced coach herself, having worked with a wide range of clients, including those in healthcare, wellness, families, and other areas of expertise.

The Innovation Habit Logo

Our logo is symbolic of the key elements that comprise The Innovation Habit basic process. The red arrow represents the desired behavior required for achieving the desired outcome (the gold arrow). The blue arrow represents the Tiny Habit that leads into the desired behavior. And the green arrow represents the event or condition that triggers the Tiny Habit.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

- Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning

And finally, the black box in the middle represents the space between stimulus and response 

...where The Innovation Habit methodology provides you that power.

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